GE Bently Nevada

GE Bently Nevada is the world pioneer in providing solution to machinery condition monitoring in power station, oil refinery, oil and gas industry as well as other factories. We are proud to be GE Bently Nevada’s authorized agent in Vietnam. Together, we are committed to providing the most effective and advanced monitoring system as one of the solutions to ease clients’ operation challenges.
GE’s Bently Nevada machine condition monitoring solutions combine advanced hardware, intelligent software, and trusted service and support – providing a broader, connected view of your operations. Together, they enable you to mitigate risk, boost safety, and reduce maintenance costs, all while improving equipment reliability, uptime, and efficiency

Hardware: Monitoring systems and sensors protect your equipment and collect rich condition monitoring and diagnostic data for analysis.
Software: System 1 and smart signal software connects real-time and historical data from any type of equipment to help you anticipate failure before it occurs.
Service: Scalable deployment and ongoing support service offerings help ensure that you’re maximizing the value of your condition monitoring program

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