Baker Hughes is a world-leading in Digital Solution. With 120+ years of combined experience, Baker Hughes brings peace of mind to the world's infrastructure. Baker Hughes delivers customer outcomes through intelligent, connected technologies to sense, monitor, control and inspect.
Baker Hughes’s heritage is built on strong technologies and world-leading brands that include:
Reuter-Stokes Inc.
Bently Nevada
Nexus Controls
Excitation System EX2100e
Phoenix X-Ray
Everest VIT
S5T is very honor to become a partner of Baker Hughes in the following solutions:
Bently Nevada Machine Asset Protection and Condition Monitoring: Partner from 2017
Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes business, offers a plant-wide, holistic suite of machine condition monitoring and protection hardware, software, and services that help you achieve the highest level of asset reliability possible - all of which is backed up by our over 60 years of industry-leading expertise and truly global support.
BH’s portfolio of condition monitoring software and associated hardware work seamlessly to provide your teams the real-time data, condition monitoring, and alarm protocols they need to prevent unexpected downtime, accurately monitor vibration and correctly diagnose your equipment's issues.
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Nexus Controls: Partner from 2019
Nexus Controls' -  Nexus OnCore Control System is an advanced, fully configurable solution that improves asset visibility, provides built-in troubleshooting and maintenance tools, offers simplified expansion capabilities and reduces overall installation and training costs.
The Nexus OnCore Control System helps plant operators improve their speed and accuracy in making critical decisions when the plant fails to operate under normal conditions. Nexus OnCore HMI software offers a unified software environment with the ability to quickly and precisely make online changes to the application system logic that controls the plant’s operations. This capability optimizes the amount of time necessary to correct the situation without having to rely on the manufacturer.
For customers with legacy control systems that need more analytic capabilities, redundancy in controls, and a long-term supported platform, Nexus OnCore provides a redundant architecture, an easy-to-use interface and simplified trending capabilities.
The Nexus OnCore Control System offers a great way for plant operators to reduce risk by increasing visibility into the lifecycle of their asset, improving troubleshooting and simplifying programming. Unlike costly third-party platforms, the Nexus OnCore Control System also allows users to perform online configurations and changes.
Nexus Controls delivers performance management software that tracks the efficiency and degradation of assets, process-oriented function blocks for software modification, and a robust software package that enables logic changes while the unit is operational

Excitation  System EX2100e: Partner from 2019
The EX2100e Excitation Control is a advanced platform for generator excitation systems. EX2100e builds on the EX2100 experience of over 2,000 units in gas, steam, and hydro applications for new units and upgrades, in addition to GE’s 50+ years of experience with over 6,000 excitation systems in 70 countries.
The “e” designates enhanced technology and indicates the EX2100e is part of GE’s advanced Mark VIe* control platform, using ControlST* software suite. Mark VIe technology and ControlST operate critical assets in a wide variety of control and protection applications around the globe, including power generation, oil and gas, plant control and safety systems. The design philosophy of the “e” series is extended life through a modular structure. This allows for incremental technology upgrades, obsolescence protection, and comprehensive system upgrades, without replacing the entire control system. The EX2100e can also be integrated with GE’s cyber security solution to help protect from cyber threats. The EX2100e demonstrates GE’s commitment to deliver high performance, secure and sustainable controls ready to operate in today’s evolving global environments.