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On the journey of 15 activities and development, S5T always takes customer focus as a guideline. We always strive to bring customers the best products and services, by making efforts to learn, listen, share and accompany. The precious achievement that we have received is the recognition and positive reviews of many customers for us.

Who are the customers of S5T?

As a supplier of products and services for power generation and industries, we are aware of our responsibility for the process of optimizing, in order to save energy, improve production, optimize business performance. S5T considers maintaining and improving the quality of services and products to serve production, ensuring machines are always well maintained and highly efficient as a top priority. The clients we serve include:

  • Thermal power plants.
  • Hydropower plants.
  • Wind power plant.
  • Solar power plant.
  • Cement factory.
  • Heavy metal factory.
  • Petrochemical refinery.
  • Chemical factory.

S5T offers them the following products/services:

  • Monitoring solution.
  • Control and protection solutions.
  • Digital solution.
  • Performance optimization solutions.
  • Performance optimization services: Boilers, turbines, BOP in thermal power plants.
  • Service of testing and adjusting equipment: excitation system, speed control system.
  • Vibration monitoring technical training service.
  • Analysis services: M&D analysis, vibration analysis, partial discharge (PD) analysis…

How do customers comment on the services of S5T?

In the process of implementing and implementing projects, we have been honored to receive positive feedback from customers.

About professional capacity: S5T engineer team is well-trained, experienced and has high professional capacity.

About practical experience: S5T engineers have experience in participating in large projects at home and abroad, having worked with a variety of different customers, private customers, state customers.

About consulting services: The pre-purchase support service is also a highlight because customers are consulted very enthusiastically in the form of online support / direct consultation via website, email, phone.

About the implementation process: Following the commitment, ensuring the timely implementation of projects is also a strong point that customers commented on us.

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