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Professional competence

Professional competence

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Through a long time of work and dedication, we understand and are deeply aware that: the value and results will be determined by the word “people”, which means taking people as the root. Therefore, the “people” in the S5T organization are indispensable and most important: people take professional competence as the foundation, and people show themselves through their attitudes and working styles.

With the mission of bringing useful values to Vietnam’s energy industry, more than anyone else, we understand the power of knowledge, expertise and professionalism in the way we work, how to find and choose services for our customers. row. Therefore, during the journey of 15 years of establishment and development, the leadership of S5T Technology and Solution JSC has always been dedicated to building a team of employees with high technical expertise and experience. enthusiasm and responsibility towards businesses, customers and partners.


Regarding the input quality of our personnel, we highly appreciate the understanding, progressive attitude and eagerness to learn. However, one of the key factors remains professional competence. Therefore, taking the foundation as the basis, we set strict admission selection criteria, starting from the staff at S5T who are all excellent students at leading universities in Vietnam such as: University of Science and Technology. Hanoi Polytechnic, Hanoi University of Industry, Foreign Trade University, Hanoi National University… Especially, in business organizations, S5T’s leadership team are also excellent alumni of the university. top in the country.


From the past to the present, we are always proud of having always worked seriously, always taking the word heart and faith as a guideline. Thanks to the unremitting efforts, individuals and organizations of S5T have been honored to receive noble achievements.

Practical experience

In the process of working, we understand that success and results need to be measured by actual benefits. Therefore, every effort created must be evaluated with specific data through the proposed solutions, through the implemented projects. S5T’s team of technical engineers only works when they have been professionally trained and have expertise to participate in official projects of the enterprise. We are honored to have participated in large project packages, including private enterprises and government agencies such as:

  • Project of technical supply and operation of ABB protection relay system for Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant.
  • Project of installing DCS system (Equipment in central control room) Song Ba Ha Hydropower Plant.
  • Project to provide vibration monitoring system – Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant.
  • The project provides remote monitoring system for RMC center of 7 thermal power plants of PetroVietnam Power Corporation (PV Power).
  • The project provides transformer monitoring system for HPP Huoi Quang Ban Chat Hydropower Plant.
  • Project to upgrade the Transformer Monitoring System for Tri An Hydropower Plant.

Professional competence associated with ethics and responsibility

At S5T, we understand that there are 3 important factors that determine the development of a business, which are: prestige – implementation progress – efficiency.
Reputation: Prestige is expressed in the consistency between words and actions, through the agreement between fact and theory; S5T always meets the wishes of customers but still ensures publicity and transparency in production and business development.
Progress: One of the key goals associated with S5T is the prestige associated with the work progress. We make the most of financial, human, and equipment resources, and cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to fulfill commitments to customers, in order to save costs, maximize time preference.
Actual results: At S5T, we measure success based on actual results, that is, using specific metrics, aiming for sustainable development, optimizing productivity, helping customers solve problems problems and problems exist.

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