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About S5T

About S5T

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On 07/06/2008 S5T Technology and Solution Joint Stock Company officially came into operation. With all the trust and respect of our customers, we always make continuous efforts to develop, with the goal of: bringing solutions/services, helping to improve the performance of machines and equipment, enhancing operational efficiency in production and business.

History of formation and development

In 2008, S5T Technology and Solution Joint Stock Company was officially licensed to operate by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment. In the initial stage, we focused on developing and aiming to provide equipment and automation solutions for industrial plants. Experiencing initial difficulties, S5T has always tried its best, strengthened, and proved its capacity with determination and passionate heart. Looking back on the past journey, we are proud of the fact that many partners, customers and individuals always stick together to build S5T stronger and more successful.

Vision – mission

From the heart of the business, we always want to be able to bring the best value to customers, aiming to become the number 1 unit in Vietnam in providing solutions and automation technology. head. Positive contributions to building a sustainable, economical and optimal energy industry are reflected in the provision of products and services that help plants improve operational efficiency and minimize the risk of failures, stop machine breakdown, reduce maintenance time, improve equipment life cycle, and at the same time aim to improve the efficiency of the entire plant.

Field of activity

To fulfill that noble mission, S5T carries its responsibility and heart by providing products:
  • Monitoring solution.
  • Control and protection solutions.
  • Automation solutions
  • Digital solution.
  • Performance optimization solutions.

In terms of services, S5T focuses on analyzing, evaluating, and optimizing performance for factories:
  • Performance optimization: Boiler, turbine, BOP in thermal power plants.
  • Experimental equipment calibration: excitation system, speed control system.
  • Training in vibration monitoring techniques.
  • Analysis services: M&D early diagnosis analysis, vibration analysis, partial discharge (PD) analysis…

Core Values

– S5T considers the human factor to be the most important, so we always respect the differences and value the contributions of individuals with attractive welfare policies, by building a professional working environment. professional, creative, friendly and humane with the desire for employees to have a better life.
– For S5T, the foundation to build relationships with colleagues, customers, partners, investors and society is the human spirit and kindness.
– Product expertise is an important factor contributing to S5T’s core competencies, so we always focus on investing in training, research and practice. All individuals are encouraged to continuously study and are facilitated in terms of time and funds, and in addition, the company also organizes training courses for employees to improve their expertise.
– S5T considers the trust of customers and partners as a guideline for all actions, therefore, we always protect and build credibility as our own honor.
– The fulfillment of commitments with customers and partners in terms of product quality, service and progress is the most important goal that S5T always tries its best to accomplish.

Outstanding Achievement

The recognition of customers, partners, and society is the driving force for us to work hard and dedicate ourselves. In the past and present, we are proud of our efforts to affirm our position in the competitive market. Some typical achievements that S5T has achieved are:

A cohesive, united organization

We believe that an affiliate organization not only helps internal businesses develop sustainably, but also is the basis for creating useful values, improving capacity, and helping customers and partners trust us. me more. At the present time, owning a close-knit organization with members united to strive is the great achievement that S5T has achieved.

A team of experienced professionals with high technical expertise

In the service industry in general and the energy industry in particular, S5T understands that the value of each product created is largely determined by the roles and responsibilities of each person. Therefore, S5T always cares and respects the value of knowledge, enthusiasm and a progressive spirit and eager to learn. S5T aims at skills training, taking practicality and results as the standard of capacity assessment.
The most outstanding achievement of S5T is having a team of professional sales staff, a team of well-trained engineers, and all S5T employees have professional knowledge, discipline and high responsibility.

Partner’s Credibility

Our S5T company becoming a reliable partner, sales distributor of the world’s leading prestigious brands is a recognition of S5T’s ability. In Vietnam market, we are honored to be the exclusive sales agent of big brands such as: GE, Bently Nevada, Nexus Control, Baker Hughes, ABB, Hitachi…

The trust and respect of customers

With each product we provide, each service we give, we put all our heart and efforts in it, no matter who the customer is, small or big, private or public. The recognition of customers is the driving force that helps S5T work and develop for the present and the future.

Bidding and implementing large projects

From 2008 up to now, S5T has independently participated in many large bidding packages, implementing important projects across the country. Some notable projects include:

  • Project of installing DCS system (Equipment in central control room) Song Ba Ha power plant.
  • Supply and installation of 110 kV substation, 110 kV system in the South of the city – National Power Grid – 2019.
  • Provide vibration monitoring equipment of Unit H1 for major repair of fixed assets – Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant 2020.
  • Supplying annual equipment for the Excitation System and AES 10 KV – Mong Duong – 2020.
  • Supplying equipment and services Vibration system – HPP Tuyen Quang – 2021
  • Project to provide vibration monitoring system – Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant
  • The project provides remote monitoring system for the RMC center of 7 thermal power plants of PetroVietnam
  • Power Corporation (PVPower).
  • The project provides transformer monitoring system for Huoi Quang Ban Chat hydropower company HPP.
  • The project provides speed regulation system and attached technical services for Unit H1 – An Khe Hydropower Plant.


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