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Electromagnetic core defect testing solution – El Cid

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Electromagnetic core defect testing solution – El Cid

Electromagnetic core defect testing solution – El Cid is the leading tool for detecting electromagnetic core imperfections, in order to identify insulation problems between magnetic corrugated iron layers in the stator core.


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The EL CID is the leading tool for the detection of solenoid imperfections, to identify insulation failures between the magnetic corrugated iron layers in the stator core. Iris Power EL CID Evolution is the third generation product of the stator core tester, reliable, easy to use, applicable to thermoelectric generators, hydroelectric generators and large motors.

Meaning of using EL CID kit to test magnetic core defects

The stator core is made of thin magnetic steel sheets, which are insulated to prevent axial currents. If a laminate short circuit occurs, the high temperatures can burn the stator winding insulation, even leading to melting of the stator core. The Iris Power EL CID Evolution test allows for rigorous monitoring of core activities. word (EL CID). The product is widely used worldwide to reliably and safely detect insulation faults between stator core layers.
Benefits of using the EL CID kit to test magnetic core defects:
  • Only one technician is needed to perform EL CID, thus saving considerable human resources and investment costs for operation.
  • Unlike the Ring Flux test, which has the potential to cause damage to the magnetic core because it is not cooled, the Iris Power EL CID Evolution device is safe for the operator.
  • The instrument’s measurement results are stored digitally in the PC for easy analysis, report generation, and precise location of core faults.
  • Any defect in the insulation between the core layers generates a fault current that is detected by the Chattock coil and analyzed by the Iris Power EL CID Evolution signal processor. Future results are compared with past results for trend analysis.

EL CID components used to test magnetic core defects

+ Hardware: EL CID Evolution Test Kit.
EL CID Evolution Test Kit
+ Software:
The software displays the results obtained
3D image after analysis based on hardware devices and input data
+ Service
The service collects data on the defect of the core from the stator, from which it analyzes and gives a report to have a basis for building a maintenance and repair plan with optimal cost and efficiency.

Why should you choose to use the Iris Power EL CID kit provided by S5T?

Why choose core defect testing from Iris Power’s EL CID?

It is the leading effective solution and is widely used worldwide for finding possible defects of the stator magnetic pole core.

Why should you choose the PD system installation service provided by S5T?

S5T is not only an authorized dealer in Vietnam to distribute PD surveillance systems provided by Iris Power, but we are also an enterprise with full capacity and experience to bring customers the best solutions in the world:
  • A team of experienced, genuine trained experts with in-depth understanding of partial discharge, experience in construction, installation, configuration, test run and data analysis of PD. Some typical projects we carry out include: installation of continuous online monitoring system at Dong Nai 4 Hydropower Plant, project of periodic PD data monitoring, collection and analysis system at Air Liquid Vietnam, and many other projects).
  • Capture, consult and build the optimal solutions for partial discharge monitoring of IRIS POWER, especially the MCGUARD II equipment.
  • Helping customers effectively monitor equipment condition under operating conditions including partial discharge monitoring, rotor flux, busbar end vibration… creating a basis for economical and efficient maintenance and repair most efficient and optimal.
  • S5T always accompanies the world’s leading team of partial discharge data analysts, and IRIS POWER is always ready to support customers anytime, anywhere.
    Professional working process from consulting, design, installation, transfer, support to customer care.
For detailed advice on each suitable periodical online PD monitoring solution for your factory, please connect with us by sending an inquiry to the mailbox, or contact us at the following address:
  • Address: S5T Vietnam Technology and Solution Joint Stock Company.
  • Lot B15, Duong Noi Resettlement Area, Duong Noi, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
  • Tel: 0243 540 1858 – Fax: 0243 540 1859
  • Email:
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