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Excitation Control Solution


Excitation Control Solution

In order to improve efficiency as well as ensure safety in electrical system operation, S5T company has provided control solution for static excitation system EX2100e to customers in Vietnam. The solution meets reliable operation and high stability, the hardware equipment has a compact design, easy to install.


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In order to improve efficiency as well as ensure safety in power system operation, in recent years, management agencies have issued guiding documents, guiding requirements on technical standards and regulations. test procedures applicable to power plants. With those requirements, upgrading the excitation system becomes an urgent need to increase the efficiency of the excitation system. Understanding that need, S5T company with its proven competence was trusted to become a partner of Nexus Controls, a division of GE Corporation, providing excitation system control solutions. static EX2100e to customers in Vietnam.

Configuration excitation control solution – EX2100e

The excitation system can be built in a single or triple redundant configuration depending on the needs of the customer. With single control configuration, only one controller and one rectifier bridge are used. With a redundant configuration, the three control modules communicate with each other to ensure that even if any of them fails, the system will still operate normally and allow online replacement while the system is operating. Similar to the controller, there will be one or more rectifier bridges (PCMs) used in a single or redundant configuration. The connection between the modules is taken care of by the high-speed communication module (HSSL board) to help the system’s responsiveness and stability.


Single and redundant control configurations of excitation systems


Control cabinet of the EX2100e system

Components of excitation control solution EX2100e

+ Hardware

Hardware of excitation system EX2100e includes control devices (controllers, input and output signal modules, communication modules, HMI interface screens, …), rectifier bridges, cooling fans, auxiliary devices support and protection (magnetic stamping device, magnetic primer, overvoltage protection, shaft voltage suppression, …).

Remote controll

The controller is designed as an independent module mounted directly on the cabinet. The module includes a microprocessor circuit and a CSLA expansion interface. The microprocessor circuit contains the central control block, memory and power supply block, the front of the controller includes Ethernet connection ports, a traditional high-speed serial port and a USB port that allows downloading programs to the controller. control. The CSLA expansion interface provides high-speed serial I/O channels.

Controllers are supplied with redundant configuration, the M1 and M2 controllers can operate in both automatic or manual mode with auto tracking and bumpless transfer allowing the system to switch smoothly between controllers and modes.

Single_strand_diagram of_excitation_control_solution

Single-strand diagram of excitation system EX2100e

Bridge rectifier

Bridge rectifiers (PCMs) are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate excitation systems of different designs and output powers. The rectifier configuration can be in the form of single (simple/single bridge), redundant (WBU/redundant bridge) or multiple parallel bridges to help customers customize according to system requirements.

Bridge_rectifier_module_EBRG_giai_phap_dieu_khien_he_thong_kich_tu Excitation_control_solution

Each rectifier bridge has separate pulse generators. During operation, the opening angle of 6 thyristors automatically adjusts to keep the balance of current between branches in a rectifier bridge.

The EBRG bridge rectifier module has the function of monitoring and protecting the bridge rectifier:

– Monitor AC input voltage and current, DC output.

– DC output short circuit protection.

– Bridge temperature monitoring.

– Monitor input phase order.

Other hardware devices

Hardware modules designed to ensure the best and safest system operation include:

– Measurement module (ESYS).

– Auxiliary communication module (EAUX).

– Control source distribution module (EDIS).

– Magnetic suppression circuit and DC overvoltage protection (EDEX).

– Magnetic primer circuit.

– DC power booster module.

– Rotor ground fault detection module.

– AC and DC power switchgear.

– Input AC power filter.

– Discharge resistor set.

– Shaft voltage suppression circuit.

– …

+ Software

The EX2100e system uses the ControlST software suite, which includes many tools for the operation, testing, calibration and maintenance of the excitation system. WorkstationST software to manage HMI human-machine interface and Historian functions to store information, events, alarms. ToolboxST software for system configuration and analysis. Control programs can be edited online and downloaded to the controller directly from the cabinet-mounted HMI display or service computer. ToolboxST has pre-built models of the system with the function of simulating input and output signals for testing and testing. CIMPLICITY software is very intuitive, flexible, easy to use to help build graphical user interfaces.

AVR regulator

The AVR block receives an input signal of 3-phase voltage at the generator terminal, using a PID controller to keep the generator output voltage stable around the set value. When a short circuit occurs on the grid causing voltage drop, the controller forced excitation to keep the generator in sync with the system. Suppressing the excitation magnetic field, quickly reducing the field current when there is a problem with the generator, avoiding equipment damage.

Power system stabilizer  (PSS)

The PSS unit is used with an AVR voltage regulator to improve transmitter stability by suppressing low frequency fluctuations caused by one or more generators operating in parallel in a single area. determined. The system modeling function allows the user to optimize the PSS parameter adjustment.

System interface

  • The HMI display shows the generator and excitation system information: voltage, current, capacity, set point, operating mode, etc.
  • The interface has high security and the ability to decentralize access according to operational, technical and management levels.
  • The screen shows a single-line diagram of the system and associated access menus.
  • Display events and alarms.
  • Has the function of recording the trend of U, I, P, Q signals with a maximum sampling rate of 1ms to help users easily diagnose errors and analyze when something goes wrong.
  • Allows simulation of input and output signals and control logic in experimental mode.

Alternative installation and deployment process for excitation system control solution EX2100

  • Step 1: Survey and design the new system.
  • Step 2: Dismantle the existing excitation system.
  • Step 3: Construction and installation of the new system, fully connecting the input and output signals to the DCS system and other functional systems.
  • Step 4: Configure parameter settings.
  • Step 5: Calibration test to put the system into operation.
  • Step 6: Test the system according to Circular 25/2016/TT-BCT, Decision No. 25/QD-DTDL of the Electricity Regulatory Authority.
  • Step 7: Transfer training and operating instructions.

Why should you choose to install S5T EX2100e excitation system control solution?

Advantages of GE’s EX2100e excitation system

Over the past 40 years, GE has supplied more than 6,000 excitation systems in more than 70 countries. The EX2100e system is the fourth generation that integrates high-speed digital controllers and large-capacity semiconductor elements. The EX2100e system is GE’s most advanced excitation system for use in new units and is compatible with older generators that need upgrading. The EX2100e system has a flexible configuration to meet all customer upgrade needs. The controllers are designed in modular form, compact, easy to install, saving space.

With a triple redundancy configuration, the system ensures reliable operation and high stability, providing voting for control applications that need high security. Graphical interface and intuitive software are very convenient for users in the process of operating, testing, configuring and upgrading the system.

Professional competence S5T

With its expertise and project implementation capabilities, S5T is trusted to become GE’s sole partner for the EX2100e product line in Vietnam. We are proud of having good professional knowledge, practical experience in implementing projects at big projects:

  • Installed excitation system EX2100e for hydropower plants, such as An Khe hydropower plant, Ba Ha river hydropower plant, Quang Tri hydropower plant and received high appreciation from customers.
  • The staff is always ready to support and advise customers before during and after the purchase.

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