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Continuous partial discharge monitoring solution PD Trac II 4208


Continuous partial discharge monitoring solution PD Trac II 4208

The PD system TRAC II 4208 provides for continuous online partial discharge (PD) monitoring for electric motors, small generators, circuit breakers and isolated phase conductors. The PDTracII 4208 utilizes advanced automatic noise separation technology based on filtering and pulse shape analysis for efficient and reliable discrimination.


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PD Trac II 4208 system is provided by IRIS POWER, the world’s largest company in partial discharge diagnostics and monitoring solutions, for continuous online partial discharge monitoring (PD) for electric motors. , small generators, circuit breakers and isolated phase conductors globally. Partial Discharge (PD) is the phenomenon of small sparks arising in the air gaps or voids inside or on the surface of the insulation layer of equipment working at medium or high voltage. . PD occurs for a long time, leading to serious deterioration in insulation quality, when to a certain extent, the insulation strength will be broken, leading to equipment failure.

Meaning of installing PD TRAC II 4208 kit to monitor partial discharge conditions for equipment

The PD TRAC II 4208 unit collects data through one of IRIS POWER’s 80pF EMC condenser sensors per phase and analyzes the data using PDView specialized diagnostic software, providing information to prevent future events. serious breakdowns, prolonging service life and equipment life, and minimizing the possibility of unplanned machine downtime.

Benefits of installing PD TRAC II 4208 monitoring solution for electric motors, small generators, circuit breakers and isolated phase conductors:

  • The PDTracII 4208 uses advanced automatic noise isolation technology based on pulse geometry analysis and filtering to reliably distinguish partial discharges from electrical disturbances to prevent false alarms.
  • With PD alarms, users can review 24-window phased and pulse height analysis charts using basic interpretation to confirm the cause of the alarm.
  • The PDTracII 4208 can operate a “standalone” system with only periodic downloading of stored partial discharge data, or it can be networked into a plant control system for remote data collection and analysis. via USB, Ethernet or Modbus.
  • The alarm output uses a dedicated relay that can remotely trigger indication of high partial discharge alarm conditions. Alarm outputs can also be connected to a plant monitoring system.
  • In addition, it is possible to add the option to monitor ambient parameters such as temperature and humidity.

Components of the PD TRAC II 4208 . system

+ Hardware

PD TRAC II 4208 kit includes:

  • Sensor EMCs


HÌnh ảnh 1: Sensor EMCs

  • Data Collector PD TRAC II 4208.

Data_Collector_MCPD_TRAC II

Hình ảnh 2: Data Collector PD TRAC II 4208 


Hình ảnh 3: Device status monitoring solution PD TRAC II 4208 

+ Software

IRIS PD Trac Pro and PDView software are used to configure monitoring modules, store collected data, view and trend device partial discharge monitoring data.

+ Service

IRIS_PD_Trac_Pro_and_ PDView_monitoring_module_structure

Continuous collection and analysis of PD data for electric motors, small generators, circuit breakers and isolated phase busbars with frequency depending on the actual condition of the equipment being monitored, or continuous collection and in-depth analysis as needed.


Procedure for installing periodic PD monitoring system PD TRAC II 4208 

Step 1: Survey and determine the installation location of EMCs sensors, junction boxes.

Step 2: Organize the construction and installation of the hardware system.

Step 3: Set the signal for device health monitoring solutions.

Step 4: Collect data about the PD TRAC II 4208 connected to a computer with the company’s specialized software installed to provide analysis of the device status being monitored.

Why should you choose to install Iris Power’s PD TRAC II 4208 monitoring system supplied by S5T?

Why choose Iris Power’s PD TRAC II 4208 PD surveillance solution?

Besides monitoring PD with electrical noise filtering technology, focus only on PD pulse monitoring. The TRAC II 4208 PD Collector is the optimal and more economical solution as it helps to monitor the PD condition in electric motors, small generators, circuit breakers and isolated phase conductors.

The analysis results from the PDView software of the PD TRAC II 4208 provide information on the severity and location of insulation corrosion, busbar bushing loose, thermal insulation deterioration, fault detection of stator bus manufacturer. This data is the most reliable information available, referenced by the Iris Power severity table that includes a statistical evaluation of more than 700,000 machine tests globally to provide a relative health index. with similar machines.

Why should you choose the installation service of PD TRAC II 4208 system provided by S5T?

S5T is not only an authorized dealer in Vietnam to distribute PD surveillance systems provided by Iris Power, but we are also an enterprise with full capacity and experience to bring customers the best solutions. world today:

  • A team of experienced, genuine trained experts with in-depth understanding of partial discharge, experience in construction, installation, configuration, test run and data analysis of PD. Some typical projects such as: installation of a continuous online monitoring system at Dong Nai 4 Hydropower Plant, a project of periodic PD data monitoring, collection and analysis system at Air Liquid Vietnam, and many other projects)
  • Capture, consult and build optimal solutions for partial discharge monitoring of IRIS POWER, especially MCPD TRAC II equipment.
  • Helping customers most effectively monitor equipment condition under operating conditions including partial discharge monitoring, rotor flux, busbar end vibration … Create a basis for maintenance and repair a the most cost-effective and efficient way.
  • S5T is always accompanied by the world’s leading team of partial discharge data analysts, and by IRIS POWER.
    Professional working process from consulting, design, installation, transfer, support to customer care.

For detailed advice on each periodical online PD monitoring solution suitable for plants, equipment, etc.

  • Address: S5T Vietnam Technology and Solution Joint Stock Company.
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