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Line differential protection relay RED670 RED650


Line differential protection relay RED670 RED650

To meet the needs of the market, S5T in conjunction with Hitachi Energy distributed RED670 RED650 in Vietnam. Relays RED670 and RED650 help ensure safe and reliable operation of power transmission and distribution lines, and help eliminate problems quickly.


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The selection of quality differential protection relay is considered a prerequisite for today’s factories. Because a good product will help ensure the safe and reliable operation of power transmission and distribution lines, and at the same time help eliminate problems quickly. Therefore, to meet the needs of the market, S5T in cooperation with Hitachi Energy has distributed line differential protection relay RED670 RED650 in Vietnam.


Line differential protection relay RED670/ RED650

Advantages of line differential protection relay RED670/650

Hitachi Energy provides RED670/RED650 line differential protection solution with high sensitivity and speed, meeting all protection requirements for transmission lines from 110kV, 220kV, 500kV overhead and underground cables.

  • The 87L differential protection function has a fast speed, a trip time of less than 1 cycle (one of the fastest and most sensitive relays available today).
    Integrated parallel working distance protection function with differential protection function in 01 relay.
  • Built-in protection functions 59/27, 24, 81, 68, 50/51, 50N/51N, 67/67N, 32…
  • LDCM communication card used for different differential protection function: Short range, Medium range, Large range; allows the use of both direct optical communication methods, as well as optical communication over the transmission channel system.
  • Support LDCM card communication speed: 64kbps capable of sending 03 Analog & 3 Binary or 192 Binary signals; 2Mbps is capable of sending 09 Analog & 192 Binary signals.
  • Easy integration with traditional substation protection systems and digital substations.
  • There are 06 groups that allow protection configuration for all types of line protection schemes.
  • Fully integrated IEC 61850, Edition 1 and Edition 2 communication protocols.
  • The maximum number of Analog input channels is up to 24AI (RED670) and 12AI (RED650), allowing protection of all types of transformers from simple modal diagrams to complex modal diagrams.
  • Analog input channels are used to configure flexibly, allowing users to customize their use according to CT/VT channels.
  • The hardware of the relay lines in the Redlion 670 product line works on the same platform, so users can use both the hardware of the relay lines together, helping to optimize repair and replacement costs, and ensure operation. Flexible, simple.
  • RED650 has a small size ½ 19inch with integrated 12AI, suitable for protection with simple, cost-effective method diagrams for the upgrade process.
  • The RED670 is available in ½, ¾, 1/1 19inch sizes and integrates up to 24 Analog inputs suitable for protection of complex modal schemes.
  • The number of Binary inputs and Binary outputs is large, reaching a maximum of 96 BO and 112 BI.
  • The trip time of the 87L differential protection is only about <20ms, which is one of the fastest differential protection relays available today.
    PCM600 configuration software is compatible with Windows 10, 11 operating systems.
  • Diverse, high-speed connections according to current electrical industry standards:
+ IEC 61850-8-1.
+ IEC 62439-3 (PRP).
+ IEC 62439-3 (HSR).
+ IEEE 802.1D (RSTP).
+ IEC/UCA 61850-9-2LE hỗ trợ 8 MUs.
+ IEEE 1344.
+ IEC/IEEE 60255.118 (C37.118).
+ IEC 60870-5-103, DNP 3.0, SPA, LON.
Some_features_of RED670_RED650
Some features of the relay RED670 and RED650

S5T service provided when deploying and installing RED670/RED650 relay solution

S5T Technology and Solution Joint Stock Company is currently a relay distributor of Hitachi Energy in Vietnam. We offer Hitachi Energy protection relays for generators, transformers, busbars and lines. Details of services include:

  • Deployment and installation of new relay systems to protect generators, transformers, substations and lines.
  • Design consulting service, upgrade, renovate, replace the old relay system with the new relay system of Hitachi Energy.
  • Sales services and technical service solutions related to Hitachi Energy’s protection relay systems.
  • Training services, breakdown analysis, customer support to deal with defects related to the protection relay system.

Procedure for upgrading the generator protection relay system

Installing Hitachi Energy’s transformer protection relay system, S5T deploys according to the following process:

  • Step 1: Survey the existing relay system.
  • Step 2: Make a technical plan and design a diagram of SLD protection methods, make a BOM list of equipment used for replacement or upgrade.
  • Step 3: Deploy bid.
  • Step 4: Design the diagram of protection method and detailed design drawing, coordinate with dispatching level Ax to calculate and adjust.
  • Step 5: Deploy on-site installation, configuration, experiment, test run.
  • Step 6: Deploy training manuals and technology transfer.
  • Step 7: Care and support for customers after the system is put into operation.

Why should you choose to install the RED670/RED650 S5T Protection Relay system?

S5T has a team of highly qualified staff, capable of designing, upgrading and renovating relay systems, at the same time providing technical consulting services and supporting customers to handle defects and analyze problems. incidents. We are trusted by customers thanks to:
  • The S5T team of technicians has extensive experience in deploying and installing Hitachi Energy’s protection relay systems, having participated in many projects at large factories such as: upgrading distance protection relay REL670 – Factory Song Ba Ha Hydropower Plant, upgrading the relay system to protect unit H3 Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant …
  • We have a team of well-trained technical experts with training certificates from Hitachi Energy, autonomous in construction implementation, so we have a more competitive price than other units.
  • Technical staff is ready to support customers 24/7 when needed by online / offline forms.
For detailed information about products and services of the relay RED670/RED650 installation and deployment, please send information to the mailbox for advice, or you can also contact us at the following address:
  • Address: S5T Vietnam Technology and Solution Joint Stock Company.
  • Lot B15, Duong Noi Resettlement Area, Duong Noi, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
  • Tel: 0243 540 1858 – Fax: 0243 540 1859
  • Email:
Send a request for advice - purchase

Customers and partners need more advice about our products and services, please contact Hotline 0243 540 1858 or leave information for a free consultation.

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