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Project to provide vibration monitoring system for crusher Vissai Song Lam Cement Company

Project to provide vibration monitoring system for crusher Vissai Song Lam Cement Company

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Project overview

  • Client: Song Lam Cement Joint Stock Company 2.
  • Project scope: Supply of goods and services.
  • Solution: Island vibration monitoring for cement mills.
  • Implementation time: 2021.

Hình ảnh: Nhà máy Xi măng Sông Lam 2

Song Lam Cement Factory 2
Song Lam 2 Cement Joint Stock Company (Hoi Son Commune, Anh Son District, Nghe An Province) is a unit under The Vissai Cement Group, specializing in the production of high-quality cement to serve the needs of domestic and foreign customers. country and export. Song Lam Cement Plant applies German technology, produces 3 main types of products: PCP30, PCP40 and PCP50 clinker with a capacity of up to 600,000 tons/year.

Condition of the factory before the project implementation

Máy nghiền xi măng tại Nhà máy xi măng Sông Lam 2
Cement mill at Song Lam Cement Plant 2
In 2015, Song Lam 2 cement plant was put into operation. After a long time of operation, the vibration monitoring system in the crusher shows signs of deterioration, which cannot guarantee its reliability. The transmission temperature monitoring system is no longer accurate, there is a backflow of oil from the RTD sensor to the junction box. This situation has many potential risks leading to early detection of abnormal signs during the operation of the device. When there is a problem, it will take a long time to handle, greatly affecting production and business efficiency.
Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor the condition and prevent problems with the cement mill. In particular, it is necessary to select more suitable types of sensors, sensor installation locations and data collectors.

The solution S5T provides to solve customer problems

With experience in implementing large projects, related to equipping with online monitoring systems for the operating status of important equipment, S5T company – a partner of GE Bently Nevada in Vietnam has worked with experts to The company proposes a technical solution: equipping a vibration monitoring system in accordance with the status of the crushers at Song Lam 2 Cement Plant.

Results, evaluation after installing the vibration monitoring system for the crusher

The newly installed solution for the mill sets out the positions, measuring points for speed, transmission vibration, vibration, and temperature of the drive gears. At the same time, replace the less reliable sensors of the old system with sensors manufactured by new technology. The vibration monitoring system of the company Bently Nevada put into operation has met the following requirements:
– Measure system engine speed, set gear ratio to automatically calculate the next axes.
– There is a trend chart to track the vibration value (overall) over time of the parameters: Acceleration, velocity, contour spectrum.
– Spectrum of gear failure analysis with bearing library.
– Envelop spectrum (circumference spectrum) bearing failure analysis, bearing library
– Automated reporting support.
With the new condition monitoring system for the crushers, the plant’s operation ensures reliability, actively contributing to the development of maintenance and repair plans for key and important equipment. important. At the same time, it helps to optimize costs and ensure uninterrupted and uninterrupted production and business.
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