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Project to replace DCS control system – Song Ba Ha Hydropower Plant

Project to replace DCS control system – Song Ba Ha Hydropower Plant

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Project overview

  • Client: Song Ba Ha Hydropower Joint Stock Company.
  • Project scope: Procurement of equipment to replace DCS control system – Song Ba Ha Hydropower Plant (Equipment in Central Control Room).
  • Solution: Replace computer system and upgrade HMI software, DCS programming software for Song Ba Ha Power Plant.
  • Implementation time: 2020.

Nhà máy thủy điện sông Ba Hạ

Ba Ha River Hydropower Plant

Ba Ha River Hydropower Plant is one of the largest plants in the Central region, located on the last step on the Ba river, the point where the generating units are located. Suoi Trai commune, Son Hoa district, Phu Yen province. The total capacity of the plant is 220MW (2x110MW) and the average power output is 825 million Kwh/year. Each year, the plant generates about 600 kWh of electricity to the national grid, serving the socio-economic development of Phu Yen. in particular and the country in general, contributing hundreds of billions of dong/year to the local budget.

Current status of DCS control system in factory before project implementation

Before implementing the project, Ba Ha river hydropower plant had a total inspection to repair and upgrade the DCS control system. After conducting the analysis, the following problems were discovered:

About the hardware of the control computer:

  • Computer system: There are some capacitors on the motherboard system that are blistered, the attached accessories (plastic joints, stoppers, hard drive tray …) have been aged so they are brittle and easy broken.
  • The management computer (PM) takes a long time to start.
  • The monitor screens have poor brightness.
  • The operating machines sometimes hang, some services of the operating machine No. 2 (OS2) are unstable, the OS1 computer has damaged the hard drive controller card and 02 hard drives, so it cannot be used.
  • The current DCS control system does not have a computer to store Historian historical data (history is only stored directly on two dataservers DS1/DS2 with low capacity), so when it is necessary to retrieve information from the past, many difficulties.
  • All computers have low memory configuration and capacity, so after a period of storage, the capacity occupies most of the drive, leading to poor read / write ability, new data will not be stored.

Problems of the MIMIC electronic board:

  • The connection protocol between MIMIC and the CS computer to collect data is based on the supplier’s specialized protocol, making it difficult to repair when there is damage (in fact, there are also data displayed incorrectly but factory can’t fix), and also can’t change the schematic on MIMIC.
  • The clocks showing frequency, power, and current are out of focus.
  • Some status indicator lights are broken, indicator light brightness is reduced.
  • Equipment is difficult to buy in the market, difficult to replace when damaged.

Các vấn đề thuộc phần mềm:

  • Server computers (DS1, DS2, CS) using Windows Server 2003 operating system; operating computer (OS1, OS2) and management computer (PM) using Windows XP SP2 operating system. However, currently the computers on the market do not support this type of Windows, on the other hand Microsoft has also stopped supporting this operating system since July 14, 2015.
  • Servers have outdated hardware compared to today’s computers, so Backups cannot be used for new machines, only compatible with machines of the same type that are no longer available on the market.
  • Computers go through many years of operation without being reinstalled, so the Windows operating system also generates errors.
  • The PGP software itself has entered the “Classic” phase of the product lifecycle where ABB’s support for this product is very limited compared to the current latest Symphony Plus system.
  • Compact Control Builder AC800M 5.0.0 software on the PM computer crashes, unable to intervene in the unit control program (When starting the generating sets, it is necessary to intervene in the control flowchart on the computer.
  • PM to issue the control step forward command).

Maintenance and repair work:

  • Due to aging equipment, some accessories are easily broken, so cleaning and maintenance are also difficult.
  • Every 3 months, we will copy and delete old data on DS1, DS2, CS computers (because hard drives have low capacity, often full of data occurs, so they cannot store new data). new data), thus also making it difficult to retrieve older data from the past.
  • Backup of the program, although done, is not effective because currently there is no compatible hardware.
  • The repair of the system only stops at replacing the equipment assembly, replacing modules, power supplies and simple details.

The solution S5T provides to solve customer problems

Before the replacement and upgrade, the DCS system in Ba Ha river hydropower plant in general still ensures operation for production and business operations. However, the PGP 4.1 software interface system running on Windows Server 2003 operating system is outdated.
Hệ thống DCS mới S5T cung cấp cho khách hàng
New DCS system S5T provided to customers
If there is damage to the computers or software errors, it will be very difficult to get expert support from the company. Following are the economic consequences of having to stop the system for repair. Recognizing the above shortcomings and problems of customers, S5T engineers and ABB experts surveyed at the scene and offered the following solutions:
  • Replace 02 historical data stations, hot backup operation.
  • Additional license and configuration data to store historical data in a backup configuration.
  • Update the latest version for software programs, operating interface of control system.
  • Update the latest Windows operating system, ensuring safety and security for the factory’s DCS system.
  • Update the latest hardware in accordance with the new software versions.
  • Replace the current Mimic with a large format display.

Results, evaluation after installing DCS control system for Song Ba Ha hydropower plant

Hệ thống DCS sông Ba Hạ
Deploy and operate the DCS . system
Updating hardware and software systems to new versions, applying modern world technologies according to the actual situation of the factory is important at the time of project implementation. The equipment installed after replacement quickly solved the existing limitations, and also facilitated the maintenance and repair work of the plant later. In addition, it helps:
  • Get rid of outdated computer hardware and operating systems.
  • Eliminate risks from random errors, thereby increasing the reliability of the entire system.
  • Increase product life cycle, minimize system downtime for maintenance, thereby increasing efficiency in plant operation.
To receive information about a similar solution/service, please send an inquiry to our mailbox, or contact us:
  • Address: S5T Vietnam Technology and Solution Joint Stock Company.
  • Lot B15, Duong Noi Resettlement Area, Duong Noi, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
  • Tel: 0243 540 1858 – Fax: 0243 540 1859
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