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Supplying Magnetic System for An Khe Power Plant

Supplying Magnetic System for An Khe Power Plant

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Project overview

  • Client: An Khe – Ka Nak Hydropower Company.
  • Scope of the project: Supplying Magnetic System for An Khe Power Plant, and accompanying technical services.
  • Solution: Replace the old excitation system with the EX2100e excitation system from Nexus Control – GE.
  • Implementation time: 2022.

Supplying Magnetic System for An Khe Power Plant

About customers

An Khe Hydropower Plant started construction on November 14, 2005. After 5 years of construction, An Khe Hydropower Plant was inaugurated in 2011. An Khe Hydropower Plant consists of 2 units, each capacity 80MW unit, with an average annual electricity production of 694 million KWh with a total investment of about VND 3740 billion.

Condition of the factory before the project implementation

After nearly 15 years of operation and especially heavily affected by the historic flood in 2013, the plant’s equipment has become outdated, aging, slow processing speed, frequent errors. The equipment and modules of the excitation system manufactured by Dong Fang are no longer supplied and supported, making it difficult to procure spare equipment. The old control system is very limited in terms of monitoring and protection functions, does not have a Power System Stabilizer, does not satisfy the requirements of the system response speed as specified by the regulations. management agency.

The solution S5T provides to solve customer problems

Very quickly after approaching the problem, S5T’s technical team studied the technical requirements of the existing system, actively coordinated with the investor and experts to agree on Supplying Magnetic System for An Khe Power Plant – EX2100e of Nexus Control GE with the following advantages.

  • Configure backup control with 3 controllers, 2 controllers M1 and M2 take care of the main functions and the remaining controller C is responsible for monitoring the operation of the system and 2 main controllers, in addition to In addition, it also provides voting control (2 out of 3) for important control and monitoring functions.
  • The two control rectifier bridges are completely parallel, the bridges communicate with the two main controllers through a high-speed communication module to increase the system’s responsiveness. Each main controller can control 2 bridge rectifiers at the same time, thus allowing operation in 1 working bridge 1 backup bridge or 2 bridges working in parallel. Pulse control module simultaneously measures AC, DC voltage before and after the rectifier bridge, monitors bridge temperature, cooling fan status, protects over current, over temperature, short circuit on branches bridge, control pulse loss warning, protection fuse burned.
  • Auxiliary modules serve the protection and monitoring functions of the system such as control power distribution module, measurement and input signal module, magnetic primer module, magnetic stamping module and overvoltage protection (crow). -bar), shaft voltage suppression module, rotor ground fault monitoring module, switching devices…

Results, evaluation after supplying Magnetic System for An Khe Power Plant

With a team of professional human resources and accumulated experience from many projects to replace the previous excitation system, after a week of active and urgent work, the construction team and its experts have completed the replacement. , test run and experiment meet the Circular 25/2016/TT-BCT of the Ministry of Finance, Decision No. 25/QD-DTDL dated March 26, 2019 of the Electricity Regulatory Authority and current regulations.

After being put into operation, the newly supplied excitation system has brought into play many advantages compared to the old system:

  • The response speed of the new system is much improved compared to the old system, the boot-up process is shortened, the terminal voltage stabilizes faster, and the fluctuation is greatly reduced.
  • The HMI screen displays details of the system’s parameters, allows monitoring of events during operation, and simultaneously displays the trend graph of eight important signals for testing or investigation. try in case of need.
  • The signals are synchronized with the DCS/ LCU control system via hard wire or Modbus communication for local or remote control levels, Auto or Manual modes… Operators can monitor the whole thing. the state of the excitation system at the central control room.
  • The calibrated PSS controller contributes to improving the stability of the power system, limiting the problems occurring on the grid that affect the operation of the plant.
  • High-reliability protection functions ensure safe system operation and enhanced operational efficiency.

To receive information about the solution/service that provides the stimulation system, please send an inquiry to the mailbox, or contact us:

  • Address: S5T Vietnam Technology and Solution Joint Stock Company.
  • Lot B15, Duong Noi Resettlement Area, Duong Noi, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
  • Tel: 0243 540 1858 – Fax: 0243 540 1859
  • Email:

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