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Project to upgrade transformer monitoring system for Tri An hydropower plant

Project to upgrade transformer monitoring system for Tri An hydropower plant

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Project overview

  • Client: Tri An Hydropower Company – Branch of Vietnam Electricity Group.
  • Project scope: Provide online monitoring system for oil transformer T1, T2.
  • Solution: Upgrading the online monitoring system of transformer oil of Tri An Power Plant.
  • Implementation time: 2021.

Nhà máy Thủy điện Trị An

Tri An Hydropower Plant

Introduction of Tri An Hydropower Plant

Tri An Hydropower Company, formerly Tri An Hydropower Plant, was established on December 2, 1987. The first unit was officially put into operation in April 1988 and the last unit was put into operation in September 1989. Tri An Hydropower Company is a subsidiary of Vietnam Electricity, with a design capacity: 400MW, 4 units. unit, annual average designed electricity output: 1.76 billion kWh of electricity. Tri An Hydropower Company performs the task of managing, operating and producing electricity; repair, maintain, renovate and upgrade equipment of power production lines, auxiliary equipment and hydro-engineering and architectural works.

Condition of the factory before the project implementation

Máy biến áp nhà máy thủy điện Trị An
Transformer at Tri An Power Plant
Tri An Hydropower Company needs to install an online oil monitoring system for 02 transformers (MBA 3-phase 125MVA/13.8KV/220KV), in order to exploit data from the online monitoring system (GSTT). ) to analyze, evaluate the operating status of equipment and report at the request of EVN. The GSTT MBA is important and necessary because it can be monitored at Tri An Hydropower Company and at the same time at EVNPSC (Hanoi).

The solution S5T offers to solve factory problems

Provide transformer monitoring system including:
  • Monitoring the content of dissolved gas components in the transformer oil (DGA).
  • Discharge monitoring in transformers (PD).
  • Over-current monitoring (TFC).
  • Monitor bushing (BM), capacitance, tanδ, bushing leakage current.
The newly installed system is designed to continuously monitor basic transformer parameters such as DGA, PD, load mode, temperature, bushing leakage current. The objective gives a clear and immediate picture of the condition of the transformer. In addition, the system is equipped with software to evaluate, analyze and visually display the changing trend of the quantities as well as give warnings about the status of the transformer. In addition, it is also connected to the central control room via an internal Ethernet line. Therefore, it is possible to monitor at the same time at Tri An Hydropower Company and at EVNPSC (Hanoi).

Results after upgrading the system for Tri An Hydropower Plant

Using new equipment and systems to analyze the gas content in transformer oil T1, T2 of Tri An Power Plant helps to ensure:
  • Fully perform the functions according to the original requirements of the factory, safely operate the transformer, improve the service life of the equipment, thereby reducing costs and maximizing the operation ability. , bringing high economic efficiency in production.
  • The new system has the ability to display, exploit data and intuitive information that is easy to monitor in the central control room.
  • The software is equipped with control, monitoring and analysis functions, capable of storing history to exploit diagnostics when needed.
  • Capable of giving early warnings and events of the system and equipment to provide information to the operator, making it easy to monitor and capture information for appropriate handling measures.
    Integrate connection and communication solutions in accordance with the existing DCS/SCADA system of the Factory.
To receive information about a similar solution/service, please send an inquiry to our mailbox, or contact us at the address below.
  • Address: S5T Vietnam Technology and Solution Joint Stock Company.
  • Lot B15, Duong Noi Resettlement Area, Duong Noi, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
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