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Supply transformer monitoring system for Ban Chat Hydropower Plant

Supply transformer monitoring system for Ban Chat Hydropower Plant

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Project overview

  • Client: Huoi Quang Hydropower Company – Ban Chat – Branch of Vietnam Electricity Group.
  • Scope of the project: Procurement of equipment to analyze gas content in oil for transformers T1, T2 of Ban Chat Hydropower Plant.
  • Solution: Gas in oil analysis (DGA) system for transformers T1, T2 of Ban Chat Power Plant
  • Implementation time: 2021.

Nhà máy Thủy điện Bản Chát

Ban Chat Hydropower Plant

Ban Chat Hydroelectricity is a hydroelectric project built on the Nam Mu stream in Chat village, Muong Kim commune, Than Uyen district, Lai Chau province, Vietnam. Ban Chat Hydropower Plant consists of 2 units (T1 and T2) with a total capacity of 220 MW, annual electricity output of 1,158 million KWh. Ban Chat hydropower plant not only contributes to providing a large source of electricity for the country, promoting socio-economic development for the Northwest region, but also participates in re-regulating the flow of Nam Mu and Da rivers, contributing to increasing capacity for Hoa Binh and Son La Hydropower projects, helping to limit floods in the rainy season, and providing water in the dry season for the Northern Delta.

Condition of the factory before the project implementation

Before the project implementation, transformers of Ban Chat Hydropower Plant were not equipped with an integrated gas-in-oil analysis system.
The testing of dissolved gas in the oil is performed offline, the oil sample test results in many cases are affected by subjective factors such as oil sample preservation, accuracy, and reliability of the equipment. measuring and analytical equipment. Therefore, timely assessment of the development trend of transformer abnormality cannot be guaranteed.
With the requirement of monitoring functions to improve operational reliability, timely detect and warn the status of equipment. At the same time, for the repair by condition (CBM) and repair and maintenance programs focusing on the reliability of the equipment (RCM), it is necessary to invest in the installation of new gas analysis equipment in the oil. for transformers T1, T2.

The solution S5T offers to solve factory problems

S5T Vietnam Technology and Solutions Joint Stock Company is currently a partner in providing transformer monitoring solutions of Camlin Power in Vietnam. We have conducted surveys with the company’s experts, held seminars with the factory’s engineers to research and come up with the optimal solution for the plant, by installing a gas content analysis system in the factory. oil (DGA) for transformers T1, T2 of Ban Chat Power Plant.

Results, evaluation after upgrading

Equipment and system to analyze gas content in transformer oil after installation for units T1, T2 of Ban Chat Power Plant, using spectroscopic technology to analyze and ensure:
Hệ thống phân tích hàm lượng khí trong dầu máy biến áp sau khi lắp đặt
System for analyzing gas content in transformer oil after installation
  • Accurately collect and process information about gas content in transformer oil, measure parameters of gas dissolved in oil including: H2, C2H2, CH4, C2H4, C2H6, CO, CO2, O2, N2, H20…. practical to put on the system, help automatically give timely handling steps, ensure the safe operation of the transformer, improve the life of the equipment. Thereby, reducing costs, maximizing the operating ability of the equipment to bring about high economic efficiency and safety in production.
  • The new system can display and exploit data and information visually and easily in the central control room, and has the ability to store history for diagnostic extraction when needed.
  • Capable of giving early warnings, equipment events, providing information for operators to repair, capture and take appropriate remedial measures.
  • Reduces the risk of machine stopping due to incorrect or incorrect parameters.

Triển khai lắp đặt thống giám sát máy biến áp

Deployment and installation of transformer monitoring system

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